• 2013-2014  Post-Baccalaureate Program at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

•2013  B.F.A in Ceramics from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA


Wood Firing/ Kiln Building


 • Kiln Building with Professor Jim Lawton, UMass Dartmouth

 • President, Anagama Club,(firings with Chris Gustin and firings at the campus kiln)

* Founding Member, Wood fire Guild, (firings with Criag McNeal at Hands House, 

   Norwell, MA), MassArt    


International Programs

• 2014  Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, & Hanoi, Vietnam

• 2013  Orkney, Scotland

              Havana, Cuba

• 2012  Kyoto, Japan


Residency/ Apprenticeship

• 2014  Pending apprenticeship with Andrew Applyby, a production potter in Orkney Scotland

• 2013  Residency workshop in Orkney, Scotland with Andrew Appleby; studying ancient Neolithic pottery techniques (


Presentations/ Papers

• 2014 NCECA Student Perspective  “Get Out There, Way Out There!”

• 2013  Referenced researcher in a British Museum Paper, Volcanic Dyke Grooved Ware by     

   Andrew Appleby


Teaching Experience

• 2014  TA for “Ceramic History” with Professor Rebecca Hutchinson, UMass Dartmouth

• 2013  TA for “Handbuilding” with Professor Kathy King, MassArt

             TA for “Objects that change lives” with Professor Janna Longacre, MassArt

• 2011  TA for “Intro to clay” with Professor Janna Longacre, MassArt

• 2010  TA for “Wheel Working” with Professor Ben Ryterband, MassArt


Selected Group Exhibitions

• 2013  Ceramics Senior Show, MassArt

             Ceramic All School Show, President’s Gallery, MassArt

             The Dark end of the Street, North Crackatorium, MassArt

             Dirty Allston Show, Godine Gallery, MassArt

• 2012  Haystack Exhibition, Student Life Gallery, MassArt

            “Girls that Play with Fire” JP Open Studios, JP,MA

              Ceramic All School Show, President’s Gallery, MassArt

 • 2011  Haystack Exhibition, Residential Gallery, MassArt

              Water Exhibition, Residential Gallery, MassArt

              Ceramics Show, Student Life Gallery, Massart

• 2010  Freshman All School Show, MassArt



• 2013  Haystack School of Crafts summer conference scholarship from MassArt

• 2012  Presidential Award For Artistic Excellence



• Ceramic

   Hand building, wheel throwing, mold making, casting (slip, press, rubber, alginate, plaster)

   Glaze Calculation       

   Kiln operation (wood, soda, gas, electric, pit, raku and saggar)

• Wood and Metal

    Welding, forging, sewing, wood working, drawing, painting,

• Digital

   Photographic skills (film, digital, developing film, printing, and framing)

   Computer programs  (word, power-point, photo-shop, etc.)


  Gallery work  - show events, packing and unpacking artwork








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